How To Save And Plan For A Wedding

Weddings have become very expensive events, leaving many people looking for a way to save money on a wedding. One of the key ways to save money on a wedding is to plan for your wedding using a budget, choosing affordable options, and to keep  an eye out for discounts.

Plan For A Wedding

Setting Your Wedding Budget

Thrifty wedding planning requires you to set a budget for a wedding that you can afford and stick to that budget. When budget planning, have a good idea in your head about what you want out of your wedding and where you want to have your wedding. A lot of this can come down to how much you save for a wedding.  If you want it at a Royalton Hotel, take that expense into account or choose more cost-effective options when setting a good budget for a wedding. A wedding budget planner might be able to offer some assistance.

Choosing The Perfect Venue

The perfect venue is essential for many couples and finding ways to save on a venue can be difficult. Say you want to have your wedding at the Jamaica Palace Resort, one option is discount hunting for  off-season dates which typically tend to be cheaper. Thriftiness can also be found in choosing venue alternatives  off the beaten path or affordable wedding venues like a local court house. 

Cost-Effective Wedding Attire

One of the cheap ways to get married is by choosing cost-effective wedding attire. Wedding dresses can be incredibly expensive but if you make smart choices or choose alternatives, they don’t have to be. Inexpensive wedding dresses can be found at chain shops and second-hand shops. Rentals are also an option to cut wedding costs. Affordable wedding rings should be considered as well as you can always upgrade these later.

DIY Decorations And Invitations

One of the cost saving wedding tips is to make your own DIY decor and invitations. By designing your own, you can save on wedding invitations,  make them your own, and have cheap wedding invitations printed. You can save on flowers by growing them yourself or buying them at a lower-cost flower shop. Affordable bridal accessories can also be made by your bridal party and low-cost wedding favors acquired as part of your wedding budgeting. 

Smart Catering Options

Frugality can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding cost-effective catering.  You can simplify your offerings by choosing a few items that almost everyone will like or choose affordable reception ideas like venues that have a preset catering menu like a Hard Rock. Using your negotiation skills can also help lower prices for budget-friendly catering. Inexpensive wedding cakes can also be found from low cost bakers.

Hiring Affordable Vendors

Vendors such as entertainment can be hard on a budget-friendly wedding. Minimalism and simplified elegance can be key in having a wedding on a budget. A single pianist or DJ can be just as good as an entire band and is often a fragment of the price. Another frugal wedding idea is doing your own hair and makeup and getting an officiant that you know who will do the ceremony at a low cost is one of the good money-saving wedding hacks. 

Maximizing Savings On Photography And Videography

You will certainly want to get photos and videos of your wedding, however, a budget-conscious wedding will need to find low-cost photography. Wedding planning tips for this could include finding a friend that is good at photography and would do it for you at a lower cost or find a videographer who has discounted wedding services, possibly, on certain dates.

Managing Your Wedding Timeline

A wedding timeline can include many events such as a rehearsal dinner, bridal party, the actual wedding, and more. You need to include all of these in your wedding savings guide to ensure your wedding on a budget stays on track. Frugal wedding ideas for rehearsal dinners at a casual restaurant are an option and maybe you can just have a day at the pool for a frugal bridal party. Wedding expense cuts require difficult decisions but can make for an overall better experience.

Tips For a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon

You can’t forget the honeymoon on your budget wedding checklist. You will want somewhere special and some of the best couples resorts in Jamaica can be relatively inexpensive and can also be all-inclusive.  You want to find somewhere both people can enjoy and create memories but also is at a reasonable price.

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