What Is The Difference Between a Normal Wedding And a Destination Wedding?

Choosing between a traditional wedding and a destination wedding can be a difficult decision. On one hand, a normal wedding is often held at a local venue that is convenient for you and your guests, while a destination wedding is held in an exotic location that is fun and exciting for everyone involved. But there are some deeper differences and cost considerations between a wedding destination and a local wedding. 

Normal Wedding Destination

Normal Wedding

Normal weddings are usually held at a venue close to the home of the couple with most of the guest list able to attend. Venues often include local churches, hotels, or other venues. You will often use local vendors, maybe people you even know, such as musicians, florists, and catering. Additionally, venue decor may or may not be supplied by the venue and the guest experience will likely be the same as many other weddings your guests have already attended. 

Normal weddings have some distinct advantages. They are often held somewhere close and easy to get to for most of your guests, you will likely be familiar with many of the vendors in town, and you won’t face a language barrier as you may with a destination wedding. 

Even if you have a wedding budget, a local wedding function can still end up being very expensive and planning logistics such as venue selection, a marriage license, wedding attire, and a local reception still have to be taken into account. You may choose to engage the services of a wedding coordinator, but this is still an added expense and effort on your part will still be required. 

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a whole different experience than a normal wedding. A wedding destination resort will often have wedding packages that can include things like destination vendors, guest accommodations, and events for your wedding timeline

A destination ceremony can be a dream at many Mexico Wedding Destinations with scenic backdrops while you indulge in the local customs and local traditions. You can enjoy all of your wedding festivities while overlooking beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters and soak in the cultural differences.

However, everything is not easy sailing with a destination wedding. Budget planning is important and you will want to take into account things such as travel arrangements, travel expenses, and the legal requirements for getting married, for example, at places such as Dominican Republic Destination Weddings.

These things don’t have to be an issue though if you are prepared. Travel requirements are easily found on-line or through a travel agent, you can likely book a local reception on-line or through your accommodations, and resorts oftentimes have a relationship with local vendors. Additionally, destination weddings can often end up being the same price or even cheaper than local weddings due to wedding packages, lower costs, and currency exchange rates. 

Experience The Unique Charm Of Destination Weddings

A destination wedding offers a unique charm over a normal wedding and will leave you full of memories that you will never forget. By going to a unique wedding destination, you are able to experience something different than just the same old traditional wedding many people have had in your town. Instead, you can bask in white sandy beaches at some of the Best Couples Resort in Jamaica or embrace the local culture in Mexico.

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