Pros And Cons Of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings can be a dream come true for many couples with their exotic locales, beautiful beaches, or majestic mountainside ceremonies. However, getting married at a unique location isn’t always sunshine and roses. There are both destination wedding pros and cons to keep in mind when considering taking this approach.

Pros of a Destination Wedding

The destination pros can be enticing for any couple hoping to make that special day even more spectacular. The pros of a destination wedding can make it more than worth all of the effort put into planning your dream day.

  • Beautiful Locales – The options for where to have a destination wedding are endless. You could choose a Jamaica wedding destination with its beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather or you could choose a gorgeous mountainside wedding, if that is more of your thing. The beauty of having a destination wedding is it lets you pick the scenery.
  • Spectacular Accommodations – Destination weddings often allow you, your wedding party, and your guests to stay in great accommodations for the duration of the wedding celebrations. These accommodations might include something like the luxurious Royalton Hotel or something more intimate, like cabins in the woods. Whatever you choose, you, your family members, and your guests will have the opportunity to stay and play in luxury.
  • Experience Local Culture – Having a destination wedding away from your home allows you and your guests to experience a culture different from your own and create memories of a lifetime. Perhaps, if you choose a destination that has some historical or familial importance, you can go explore this and soak in all of its glory.

Or maybe you choose to have your wedding at a Hard Rock resort in Mexico that allows you to try all of the excellent local cuisine and experience the local music. 

  • Local Vendors – One of the best things about having a destination wedding is that you can use local vendors to add flair to your wedding. Your wedding can be catered by a local vendor, providing delicious local delicacies for you and your guest to enjoy at your reception.

It can also include floral vendors that can provide the most beautiful local vegetation to set the scene. You may also be able to enjoy great local music by a local band, but whatever you choose, local vendors will be able to make your wedding special.

  • Planning Assistance – A lot of destination weddings can include packages that help make planning a wedding easier, such as included accommodation, catering, and entertainment. Finding a good professional wedding planner to help you find the perfect wedding destination that meets all of your needs like the Jamaica Palace Resort can make it easier.

 Pros And Cons For Destination Weddings

Cons of a Destination Wedding

Despite all of the potential benefits of a destination wedding, there are certainly some destination wedding cons that should be taken into account before making a final decision. 

  1. Travel – One of the biggest downsides of a destination wedding over a traditional wedding ceremony is that it requires you and your wedding guests to travel to a destination, possibly even in a foreign country. This can be expensive for everyone involved and can require some people to get a passport.
  2. Some guests may not be able to attend – As previously mentioned, destination weddings require travel, and they also require a certain time commitment.  Because of expense, the time commitment, or other issues, some invited guests may not be able to attend.
  3. Expense – Mexico destination weddings are overall pretty expensive and can end up costing much more than a local wedding. Not only are there travel expenses, but there are also accommodation expenses, venue expenses, catering expenses, and other vendor expenses that may be more expensive than the ones in your area. This could be especially true if you have a destination wedding in a country with a strong currency.
  4. Unforeseen Emergencies – Unexpected things can always happen such as forgetting a wedding dress, the photographer for your wedding photos cancels, or your catering falls through. If you are having a wedding in your local area, this is probably an easy fix. However, these annoyances can become big problems at a destination wedding.
  5. Language Barriers – Having a wedding in a country where English isn’t widely spoken can make planning a wedding incredibly difficult. You will need to communicate with vendors and other necessary parties and miscommunications can happen. You can always hire a translator, but this just adds another expense.

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The destination wedding pros and cons are important to weigh before getting married. However, if done right, a destination wedding can be a magical experience for everyone involved. The experts at Resort Brides can help you find the perfect location for your special day whether that be a one of the best couples resorts in Jamaica or a beautiful Mexican beach-side resort. If you are looking to take the stress out of finding the perfect wedding destination, contact Resort Brides today for a consultation.


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